Connecting Students to God and Each Other!

At Bright Christian Church, we are passionate about the growth of our young believers.

We are committed to creating an environment for our 6th-12th grade students so they can learn about the Lord, treasure the Word, and make meaningful relationships within the student group and with our leaders. We view our student ministry as a microcosm of Bright Christian Church, meaning that we are in unity with the larger congregation in our goals and vision. Our desire is for every student to feel welcomed each time they come into the building or join an event. On Sundays, students can expect a short time of fellowship followed by a lesson, small group discussions, a time for communion, and prayer. We want to teach our students that our ministry is part of a greater community; that’s why we all sit together in “big church” at 10:30am. Looking for a fun event to attend? See below to discover what’s on the horizon for our students! If you want to know more about what we are doing in Student Ministry, please reach out to Dustin Dummel or Taylor McDonough.