Bright Christian Preschool

Preparing kids for the future.

Welcome to Bright Christian Preschool! Preschool is a big step for little people. From infancy, your child has been taking leaps and bounds in their growth. And now in Preschool, they will be taking more leaps and bounds. Our goal as a Preschool is to help your child build his or her academic future. We are laying the foundation to social, emotional and academic beginnings. We are all so excited to be a part of such a wonderful time of growth. We plan to partner with you as a parent. Our teachers are happy and equipped to answer questions you may have or give you suggestions as to help your child. The LORD has blessed us with an awesome responsibility, our little people. Andi Evans is the Preschool Director and her hours in the Preschool are Monday-Friday until Noon. Please contact her at the school: (812) 637-4595 Ext. 108, or email She will be happy to speak with you! To learn more, contact us here.