Women's Courage to Break Free Class

Dec 11 | 06:45 PM


Are you a woman who struggles with an addictive behavior or dependency on something such as shopping, food, alcohol, pornography, lust, sex, gossip, or drugs? We want you to know you are not alone and we invite you to join a women’s group called Courage to Break Free. This study is designed to give you hope, joy and freedom through Jesus Christ. It will help expose the very nature of addiction and how it affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We will confront the destructive paths that carve into our relationships with God and others. Our hope is that you will be inspired by God’s Word and empowered by His Spirit to find freedom from life-controlling issues.

This group meets every other Monday from 6:45-8:00 pm at BCC. It is open to anyone and you can jump in at any time. The Breaking Free series from the Adult/Teen Challenge Program will be utilized for this class and has a Christ-centered approach. The cost is $10. 

Amber Seigel, a Peer Recovery Coach, will be facilitating this group. Amber runs her own ministry called Hello New Beginnings with a mission of helping others break free from the bondage of addictions

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