Women's Fall Fitness Bootcamp



Summer Rose invites you to join her in a Fall Fitness Bootcamp! We will be mixing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) - bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity - utilizing functional fitness (let's touch our toes) using multi-joint exercises. This class is made for beginners to advanced with numerous modifications. We will implement stability ball exercises, body weight bands and small balls!

The 1-hour class times are 9:15am on Mondays and Fridays and will run for a 6-week period starting October 24. Cost is $5 each class (cash only). Preschool mom, this is the perfect time to drop you little one off at preschool and hop on over to class. Class will be held in the fitness room in the S&FC.

A little about my qualifications: I have been teaching fitness classes since 2005. I hold a Health & Fitness Degree, NASM and ACE personal training certifcations as well as a degree in nursing. I am currently an ICU nurse for the Mercy Market (all 5) in Cincinnati.


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