High School Senior Night

May 22 | 06:30 PM


On Sunday, May 22, at 6:30pm in the Student Center, we will be celebrating our high school graduates! If you have a graduating high school senior, we would like to honor them with words of encouragement and letters from their parents. Families are also welcome to come! There will be a coffee and dessert bar. Please register no later than May 15 by clicking on the link. For more information, contact Caden McMullen by email @ caden.mcmullen@brightcc.org or phone: (513) 200-3399.

What parents need to know:

Parents, you will need to write a 1-2 minute encouraging letter to your graduating son or daughter. You will then read this letter during the ceremony. Use this as an opportunity to encourage, support and show your love to your son or daughter. 

Please also submit 5 baby/childhood photos of your son or daughter. These will be played over a slide show during the ceremony. If you are submitting them digitally, you can email them to Caden McMullen at caden.mcmullen@brightcc.org. If you are submitting them physically, you will need to turn them in to the church office inside of a manila folder. Please put your student's name on the folder AND on the back of each photo. We will copy the photos and return the physical ones to you


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